Hex-An Watchface

The Hex-An watchface is a stylised analog watchface that consists of digital segments. This takes a hexagonal form, and communicates the time with seconds and AM/PM indicator.

Hex-An was inspired by some of the LED watches produced by Kisai / TokyoFlash.com. Many of these combine analog and digital elements in their design in creative ways, some of them challenging the notion of what a watchface looks like. For me, usability is also important, so I designed this to provide good visual contrast and readability.

The hours, minutes and seconds are read like a normal analog clock; additionally, there is an AM/PM indicator in the centre. A useful way to interpret the AM/PM indicator is to think of the direction of the sun relative to the horizon, therefore AM points up and PM points down. There is also a colour cue, with grey used for PM. The intention of this, especially at night (before midnight), is to emit/reflect less blue light than the purple AM indicator. This is based on research findings, where more blue light has been found to inhibit melatonin secretion - which is not good when wanting to fall asleep easily.

Screenshots of the Hex-An watchface for both Pebble platforms.

Hex-An v1.1 screenshots for both Pebble platforms. Times from L-R are 10:30:10 AM and 4:29:36 PM respectively.

This is now available from the Pebble App Store.